Leslie King, LCSW, has worked as Crossroads School counselor in Santa Monica for 20 years while maintaining a private practice, working with both adults and children. She is also a mother of three sons who raised her boys as a single parent.

Darryl Sollerh, a writer, raising his stepson with his wife, has also been a teacher at Crossroads School (Literature, Ethics), and a tutor and mentor for the past 15 years, working with students of all abilities, as well as with parents and families in crisis.
We have worked with literally hundreds of families, assisting them with a wide range of both short-term and ongoing challenges.

Through our years of work together, as well as our mutual belief in a compassionate yet practical response to the kinds of challenges most families face, we have developed what we have found to be a gentle, yet realistic approach that takes into consideration both the teens' and their parent's point of view. In so doing, we seek to support an empathetic awakening in both parent and child, not only as they each meet the initially difficult phases of any family challenge or crisis, but also as they move into the future, guided by a new, foundational awareness and understanding of each other – an awareness capable of supporting their ongoing efforts to grow and evolve in relationship through the years to come in a shared dialog of mutual respect and understanding.
Or, as we like to envision it: the Dance.